Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Could things get any worse?

I'm exhausted and haven't slept much in the past few days so I'm just going to say a few brief words here. First, although the bombing today happened less than a mile from where I live, I'm fine (we were in the car coming home from Badawi when the bomb went off). Second, for those of you whose media is limited (i.e., in the US) when it comes to this region: the news is more depressing than I've ever seen. We have another high-profile MP killed tonight (I imagine the glossy "martyr" posters are already up around the city) and already his death today is far more important than the numbers of innocent Palestinian civilians dead in Nahr el Bared refugee camp. They don't get names. We don't even get a body count, though we do of the 9 civilians who were killed who remain nameless in the international media. Will they have posters up around the city too? Somehow this Walid Eido's death matters above all others here. There were clashes in Jordan the other day. Iraq is a blood bath as usual. Turkey, like the US, Israel, and Lebanon, thinks that it can just go in to Iraq and start its own war with Kurdish "terrorists." But what breaks my heart the most is this fighting in Ghaza and the knowledge that it is so bad that even the UN has to pull out its humanitarian services which are so desperately needed.

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